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Live Roof®


Dunn Builders is a certified installer of LiveRoof® construction. This means we have been certified as professional roofing and landscape contractors and are committed to high quality green roof installations

LiveRoof® is the only modular green roof system that uses Soil Elevator™ and Moisture Portal™ technology to unite the entire soil continuum.

This allows for the natural sharing of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms across the entire rooftop strata. It also minimizes hot, wet, and dry zones, and avoids compartmentalizing the growing medium into unnatural ‘grids’ as is the case with other modular systems.

Natural Function LiveRoof® ‘soil elevation’ design and Moisture Portals™ unite soil across the entire green roof strata for sharing, not compartmentalization, of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms. This allows for the plants to be healthier, and hot, dry and wet spots are avoided.

No Photodegradation
To completely prevent photodegradation, LiveRoof® is subterranean with no exposed lips or edges.

No Air Gaps Between Modules
Uninterrupted continuum of soil eliminates air gaps for optimal R value, cooling value, and stormwater absorption.

Proper Roof Top Drainage
LiveRoof® keeps the roof dry with drain channels that disperse water at 7.0 gallons per minute per linear foot.

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