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Green Building

Green buildings are constructed of environment friendly materials.  Not only do they contribute to the conservation of our planet, they help save money through energy conservation and provide a healthier environment for the building's occupants

Using a builder that is experienced in obtaining green building materials and employing green building practices is critical.  If you want to ensure that your finished dwelling will (1) use less energy to heat and cool and (2) improve the quality of your indoor air, you should consult with a green builder.

Green construction also improves the "life-cycle cost" of a material.  Life-cycle cost is determined by considering the initial cost combined with the cost of replacing that material if it wears out. Materials that are durable are considered more sustainable because they reduce the effort as well as the resources necessary to repair or replace the material.





green builder 

Green builders use what are known as sustainable building materials.  These materials of construction are recycled, reused, or can be replaced easily and without a large impact on the local or global environment.  Also, sustainable building materials, like low-odor paint and non-toxic sealants, are lower in toxicity and have minimal chemical emissions.


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