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Retrofit Air Vent Recovery System


Our invention (Patent Pending) addresses the need for a more economical method of repairing and retrofitting damaged air vents. Air vents that provide air circulation in crawl spaces, between rooms, and between subfloors and drop ceilings, or that cover fans, etc. tend to decay and disintegrate with age, particularly when made with thin gauge screen wire. If the vent is fabricated from cast iron, it may become brittle with age and break. As a result, animals, such as bats, lizards, fowl and rodents, may get into the vented space. Removing and replacing a failed vent may require extensive and expensive work.  Broadly, an embodiment of the present invention provides an air vent recovery system that may be used to retrofit a failed existing vent without full replacement.

Our product, which is currently pending patent is a retrofit air vent recovery system, comprising:

  • a mounting frame having a central opening
  • a screen cover, configured to fit within the central opening of the mounting frame
  • the air vent recovery system securable over a damaged existing air vent


If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, the Retrofit Vent drawings can be accessed by clicking the link above.  Descriptions of the drawings are provided below:

FIG. 1:front view of a mounting frame of an exemplary embodiment of an air vent recovery system of the present invention
FIG. 2:front view of a cover to fit into the mounting frame of FIG. 1
FIG. 3: side view of the cover of FIG. 2
FIG. 4: a top view of the mounting frame of FIG. 1
FIG. 5: perspective view of the back side of the air vent recovery system
FIG. 6: view of the air vent recovery system of FIG. 5 after installation in a brick wall




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